Posted: June 3, 2024

Will a Propane Tank Monitor Prevent a Run-out?

A look at how the trackers work

propane tank Middlesex County, NH We all know how disappointing it is to head to the bathroom to brush your teeth only to discover that you are out of toothpaste. And we all know what a bummer it is to open your kitchen’s fridge for your favorite drink to realize that you already had the last one. Imagine if there was a way to prevent these kinds of run-outs? Well, when it comes to your propane tank there actually is.

A convenient way to prevent running out of propane

Anyone who uses propane should know that, for safety purposes, their propane tanks should never be 100% full. In fact, they should only be filled to about 80% at a time. This gives propane the room it needs to expand (it’s a liquid so this will happen) as it gets warm.

This is why propane professionals recommend placing your next order of propane once your tank hits the 20% mark as this will help prevent a run-out.

However, there is an easier and more convenient way to keep your propane supply full and that is a wireless propane tank monitor.

Here’s how a wireless propane tank monitor works: it is a device that goes directly on your propane tank and tracks how much propane you are using in real time. This information is sent directly to your propane supplier who then knows exactly when you’ll be ready for your next order of propane. And here’s a bonus for Fraticelli Oil & Propane customers – you can track your propane levels yourself with our complimentary smart phone app.

Basically, you can rest easy knowing that you will always have a sufficient amount of propane with the help of a wireless propane tank monitor!

Even more convenience with Fraticelli tank leases

Fraticelli Oil & Propane is all about making our customers’ lives simpler and easier. Our wireless propane tank monitoring services aren’t the only way we do this. We also offer propane tank leasing options. Here’s a look at what you get when you lease a tank from us:

Propane services from Fraticelli

Anyone in Central Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire can also count on Fraticelli Oil & Propane for reliable propane deliveries. We even offer an Automatic Delivery option. On top of that, we are the only propane company in the area who offers 24-hour emergency deliveries and our prices simply can’t be beat!

Contact Fraticelli today to start receiving propane, wireless propane tank monitoring services or to lease a propane tank!