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Heating oil tank inspection and insurance for homes in Leominster, Worcester, Winchendon and nearby MA and NH communities

Are you still using the same heating oil tank that was in your home when you moved in? Many families in central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire are because heating oil tanks are among the longest-lasting pieces of equipment in your home. They generally last over 20 years.

At Fraticelli Oil & Propane, our heating oil professionals inspect many tanks. While a heating tank may last a long time, it won’t last forever. Homeowners must pay close attention to the state of their fuel tank because a tank failure can lead to an inconvenient and potentially quite costly oil spill.

The Fraticelli team is at your service. We can provide guidance on your oil tank’s condition and arrange tank and fuel line replacement. We also offer ProGuard insurance, which limits your financial exposure to oil clean-up and tank replacement costs.

Is it time for a heating oil tank replacement?

The primary cause of oil tank failure is internal corrosion caused by moisture build-up. One of the best ways to slow this process is not to let your tank sit near-empty through the warmer months. Getting a heating oil delivery before the summer starts is an excellent way to prevent condensation and corrosion.

Here are some warning signs that your aging heating oil tank might be nearing retirement:

If you notice any of these issues, your oil tank might be at the end of its service life. It’s vital to act before you have a full-fledged oil leak. The Fraticelli team can assess your tank’s condition. If it needs to be replaced, we’ll help you arrange a heating oil tank installation, new fuel lines and the safe disposal of your old tank.

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Fraticelli offers ProGuard heating oil tank insurance

You don’t need to let the possibility of an oil tank failure keep you up at night. Fraticelli Oil & Propane can help protect your tank with our ProGuard insurance. This coverage has the following benefits.

No inspection is required to receive ProGuard, and homeowners only have a low $500 deductible. Get in touch with us to enroll and enjoy total peace of mind in your heating oil storage.

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