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Equipment and Installation Services

Fraticelli can help you stay comfortable all year round in central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire

Countless families and businesses in Worcester, Middlesex and Franklin counties in Massachusetts and Cheshire and Hillsborough counties in New Hampshire rely on Fraticelli Oil & Propane for our everyday low fuel prices and reliable delivery team. We’re honored by the trust that generations have placed in our company.

And we want to bring that same dedication to trustworthy service to every aspect of your home comfort. Fraticelli can ensure that your family stays relaxed and safe every season of the year!

Home heating and hot water systems you can count on

When you entrust your household’s comfort to heating oil- or gas-fired equipment, you can be confident that you’ll be warm all winter long, even when it’s freezing and the snow is swirling outside. And Fraticelli Oil & Propane can help you with the purchase, installation and service of:

These systems produce robust heat and ample hot water using the premium, efficient fuel we deliver.

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Talk to Fraticelli about your summer cooling needs

The homes in our service area come in many different shapes, sizes and ages. Whether you use a forced-air system in the winter or a boiler system without ducts, we can help you find a summer air conditioning solution that works with your home.

We can help you arrange high-efficiency central air conditioning equipment that keeps you cool for less. And for older homes without ductwork, there are ductless mini-split and heat pump systems. These ductless products offer zoned cooling to save you money—plus supplemental heating for the fall and early winter!

Gas-fired amenities transform your home—inside and out!

When you have a propane tank at your home, a whole world of lifestyle-enhancing products is available to you. Fraticelli Oil & Propane can help you install and maintain the following:

Contact us today to boost your home comfort with these propane products.

Propane generators provide independence and peace of mind

When you install a propane-powered backup generator, you can be confident that your power will stay on when the electric grid fails. These generators flip on automatically. They keep the food in your fridge from spoiling. They keep your HVAC systems running. If you rely on electricity to power an electric wheelchair, ventilator or other vital medical equipment, these generators make sure the power won’t be interrupted. Plus, Fraticelli Oil & Propane will be your generator fuel resource.

Reach out to Fraticelli Oil & Propane today to discuss oil- and gas-powered equipment, appliances and amenities for your Massachusetts or New Hampshire home.