Easy to Switch

Easy to Switch

Fraticelli helps you seamlessly switch services and receive the best propane delivery in the region

Has your current propane delivery partner let you down? Are you tired of dealing with an absentee company that won’t pick up the phone when you desperately need fuel?

Fraticelli Oil & Propane has nearly a century of service in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. We’ve lasted this long because we believe our customers deserve the same top-tier service whether it’s day or night, freezing or warm. It doesn’t matter if you’re calling us for the first time or have been a Fraticelli customer for years. We are here for you.

If you’re thinking about changing propane providers, start by filling out our Become a Customer form. We make it seamless to switch to us in Cheshire and Hillsborough counties in New Hampshire and Worcester, Middlesex and Franklin counties in Massachusetts.

We’ll get you set up with propane delivery service right away!

Here’s what you can expect when you switch to Fraticelli Oil & Propane for your fuel delivery service. We will:

Become a Customer

Get the most dependable delivery service and the fairest price!

Enroll Now

There’s no charge for setup as long as you meet a minimum propane delivery amount. Once you’re set up as a Fraticelli propane customer, you can take advantage of our range of services, including:

Fraticelli facilitates home conversions to propane, too

Interested in converting your home to propane from another fuel? Our team is always available to discuss the process and show you how propane can improve your quality of life. We can help arrange your home conversion for you.

Reach out to the Fraticelli Oil & Propane team right now, and we can begin the process of setting you up with our world-class propane delivery service.

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