Commercial Propane Delivery

Bulk propane for businesses and construction sites in southern New Hampshire and central Massachusetts

Commercial ventures in Leominster, Worcester, Winchendon and countless other communities in our region are experiencing propane’s efficient, clean and versatile potential. Fraticelli Oil & Propane is central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire’s most trusted provider of commercial propane. We’re ready to set up a tailor-made bulk propane delivery plan for your company.

What businesses use commercial propane in MA and NH?

We’ve served businesses in this region for nearly a century, and over those decades, we’ve learned what fuels commercial customers need to stay productive and profitable. The bulk propane we deliver serves the following uses (and more):

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Fraticelli Oil & Propane—affordable bulk propane delivery you can count on

We are proud to be the go-to fuel company in this area that can offer consistently low prices without sacrificing full-service integrity.

With Fraticelli, you can be confident you’re receiving a fair, competitive price for your bulk propane. But just as important, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that we are a locally focused, responsive team with unparalleled resources.

We have 60,000 gallons of onsite propane storage and our service area’s most extensive vehicle fleet. We are always ready when a customer needs last-minute emergency fueling. We can install large-scale propane tanks of 1,000 gallons all the way up to 30,000 gallons!

And you’ll rest easy knowing that when you need our help, a live person in your area will answer your inquiry.

For unbeatable commercial propane delivery in Worcester, Middlesex, Franklin, Cheshire and Hillsborough counties, join the growing list of happy Fraticelli customers.

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