Pricing & Payment Plans

Propane Pricing and Payment Plans

With Fraticelli, you will always get the best price for propane!

Families and businesses that count on Fraticelli Oil & Propane can feel confident that they’re receiving the best propane price while still getting the service and benefits that more expensive fuel companies offer.

Our free Automatic Delivery ensures you will get the fuel you need to stay comfortable all year round without even having to pick up the phone. And, on top of offering some of the lowest prices in Worcester, Middlesex and Franklin counties in Massachusetts and Cheshire and Hillsborough counties in New Hampshire, we also have pricing and payment plans that can stabilize your spending, remove price uncertainty and even save you money.

What affects propane pricing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire?

Because propane is a co-product of natural gas extraction and oil refining, its price can fluctuate in tandem with these fuels. International demand, weather conditions and other factors can affect propane’s price. Even so, almost all the propane used in the U.S. is domestically produced, which makes its price more stable than many other energy sources. And at Fraticelli Oil & Propane, we do everything we can to keep our prices as low as we can.

Stabilize your propane expenses and lower your winter bills with our Budget Plan

When you count on propane for your home’s heat and hot water, your fuel expenses can really surge in the winter. We know it’s nerve-wracking when you don’t know how much money you need for the next month’s heating. So, we offer our customers a free way to add certainty to their energy spending.

Our Budget Plan spreads your year’s propane into 12 equal monthly installments. You’ll pay the same amount every month, and your winter expenses will be slashed virtually in half.

Budget Plans run from May through April. You can contact us at any time to discuss enrollment.

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Propane price protection programs

Fraticelli Oil & Propane customers can also take advantage of these price protection programs to avoid the ups and downs of energy markets.

Pre-Pay (fixed price) — Pay for your entire season’s propane in advance and lock in your price. We’ll deliver your fuel as needed.

Pre-Pay (capped price) — For a small fee, our price cap limits how high your propane price can go but not how low. You will pre-pay for your propane, and if the market price drops below your cap, you receive credit for the lower price!

Budget Plan with Capped Price — With this option, you combine the monthly installments of the Budget Plan with capped price protection for a small fee.

Please get in touch with our office at 978-631-0727 for more details about enrolling in these programs.

With Fraticelli, you can stack up additional discounts on your propane

You can feel confident that our propane prices are some of the best in the region while still coming with top-tier home comfort services. We also offer these discounts on your fuel:

Put away your checkbook and use AutoPay

Enjoy superb convenience when remitting payment for your propane. You can supply us with a credit card or account number, and we’ll automatically deduct your payment electronically—no more writing checks or worrying that your payment will get lost in the mail.

For world-class propane delivery service in southern New Hampshire and central Massachusetts, join the Fraticelli Oil & Propane family.

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