Diesel Delivery in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire

On-road and off-road diesel for your business, work site or commercial fleet

If you manage a business or fleet of vehicles that depends on diesel, then you know how quickly your operations can grind to a halt if you run out of this vital fuel. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dependable energy partner to ensure you always have the on-road and off-diesel you need?

For more than 90 years, businesses in Worcester, Middlesex and Franklin counties in Massachusetts and Cheshire and Hillsborough counties in New Hampshire have trusted Fraticelli Oil & Propane for their fueling needs. We have the dedication, extensive fuel storage and second-to-none vehicle fleet to get you diesel, regardless of the challenges.

Fleet fueling with premium, low-sulfur on-road diesel

We sell and deliver ultra-low-sulfur undyed diesel for vehicle fleets in our service area. Our onsite road diesel delivery customers include trucking companies and municipalities with fleets of buses. Having drivers line up every morning at a gas station can throw off schedules. Plus, there’s the annoyance—and potential for error and fraud—that comes with collecting and reimbursing receipts.

With Fraticelli’s onsite diesel fueling option, you can rest assured that your fleet will stay fueled. You’ll have one vendor, and you can be confident that you’re constantly receiving top-quality fuel that complies with Environmental Protection Agency standards.

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Off-road diesel for construction sites, generator fueling and more

Our customers also need dependable off-road diesel. There is essentially no physical difference between on-road and off-road diesel. However, off-road diesel is dyed red and not subject to the same taxes as on-road diesel. As such, off-road diesel is typically much less expensive. However, you cannot use it in road vehicle tanks, or you will face significant fines.

We proudly deliver off-road diesel to commercial customers for a range of uses. Construction companies count on our diesel services for excavation and for moving and lifting equipment. Many businesses use our diesel to power generators, which bring electricity to work sites and provide peace of mind that their operations will continue even when the power grid fails.

Trust Fraticelli Oil & Propane for dependable, customer-focused diesel delivery

When you partner with the Fraticelli team for your on-road or off-road diesel, you’ll receive a level of commitment and responsiveness that large corporations can’t offer. We’ll work directly with your business to create a customized diesel delivery plan that meets your needs.

And if you ever need an emergency fuel delivery, our team will be here to help!

For the most dependable diesel delivery in central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, become a Fraticelli customer.

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