Pricing & Payment Plans

Heating Oil Pricing and Payment Plans

Fraticelli helps you stabilize your budget, reduce stress and save money on fuel

Our customers in central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire enjoy the benefits of our fair, transparent pricing and reliable delivery staff. With our no-fee Automatic Delivery, you can always be confident that you’ll get your heating oil before your tank runs low.

Fraticelli Oil & Propane also provides customers with pricing and payment plans to make paying for your heating oil as simple as receiving it!

What affects heating oil delivery pricing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire?

Heating oil is a distillate of crude oil, so fluctuations in oil markets affect its price. Reasons for fluctuations include supply and demand, market speculation and global conflicts. About 90 percent of U.S. heating oil use happens in the Northeast, so demand in our region can also affect prices. If there’s a harsh winter here, it will cause prices to rise.

Our Budget Plan cuts your winter bills virtually in half

When your home depends on heating oil, most of your fuel purchases occur in the late fall and winter—during holiday shopping and just before tax season. But as a Fraticelli customer, you can spread your heating oil costs over the course of the year. And it won’t cost you a dime.

With our Budget Plan, you pay for your year’s heating oil in 12 equal monthly installments. You’ll always know how much your heating fuel will cost and you’ll slash your winter bills in half.

Budget Plans run from May through April. You can contact us at any time to discuss enrollment.

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Heating oil price protection programs

You will face energy price fluctuations regardless of how you heat your home. But Fraticelli Oil & Propane has ways to help you get off the energy market roller coaster.

Pre-Pay (fixed price) — With this program, you can lock in your price by paying for your entire season’s heating oil ahead of time. Whatever happens with fuel prices throughout the year, your heating oil is already taken care of.

Pre-Pay (capped price) — This program is similar to the fixed-price option but offers potential cost savings with a small fee. You’ll pre-pay for your fuel, but if the market price drops below your cap, you’ll receive credit for the lower price!

Budget Plan with Capped Price — With this option, you combine the monthly installments of a Budget Plan with capped price protection for a small fee.

Please reach out to our office at 978-631-0727 for more details about enrolling in these programs.

Fraticelli customers have multiple opportunities for discounts!

At Fraticelli Oil & Propane, we are proud to offer some of the lowest fuel prices in Worcester, Middlesex and Franklin counties in Massachusetts, as well as Cheshire and Hillsborough counties in New Hampshire. We also offer the following options for recurring discounts on your heating oil:

Pay for your fuel the EASY way with AutoPay

Are you tired of writing checks and hoping the postal service gets them to us on time? With our free electronic AutoPay system, you can put away the checkbook, confident that your payment will go through instantly.

Just provide us with a credit card or checking account number, and we’ll bill you automatically.

Don’t wait to enjoy the most dependable heating oil delivery around. Become a Fraticelli customer today!

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