Emergency Fuel

Emergency Fuel Services in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire

When other fuel companies drop the ball, Fraticelli Oil & Propane is here

Has your diesel, heating oil or propane company said no when you called for an emergency delivery? Reach out to us right away, and we’ll get your heating, hot water, generator or other vital system back online right away!

At Fraticelli Oil & Propane, we appreciate that the fuel we deliver isn’t like other products. It ensures that families stay safe and comfortable in Worcester, Middlesex and Franklin counties. It keeps businesses operational so they can take care of customers in Cheshire and Hillsborough counties.

That’s why we are always available for emergency fuel delivery to customers and non-customers in our service area.

This is the Fraticelli Commitment.

While we prioritize our existing fuel customers, Fraticelli Oil & Propane will answer emergency fuel delivery calls from anyone in our region and work tirelessly to get them the fuel they need.

We supply customers with emergency deliveries of heating oil, propane and on-road and off-road diesel. Our drivers can typically get to you within 24 hours, while other companies in our region keep people waiting a week or more.

How do we do this? Fraticelli Oil & Propane has over 200,000 gallons of dedicated fuel storage. Our world-class delivery team has the area’s most extensive vehicle fleet. So, when other companies stop answering the phone, you can feel confident that you’ll reach a friendly, local Fraticelli team member.

Days, nights and weekends—we’re always here for you!

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Our emergency fueling services

When storms or severe winter weather roll into central Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire, our trucks stay on the road until every call is attended to. Our services include the following:

If you need an emergency fuel delivery, Fraticelli Oil & Propane is the only call you need to make. Reach out to us online or at 978-631-0727.

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