Posted: March 4, 2024

Why Isn’t My Propane Tank 100% Full After Delivery?

Propane professionals leave room in your tank on purpose

propane tank Franklin County, NH If you are a propane customer, we would bet that you have found yourself in the following scenario before: you contact your propane provider and schedule a propane delivery to refill your propane tank. Your delivery arrives, but, upon further examination, you realize your tank is not actually 100% full.

Despite what you may have thought at the time, this is not an oversight. In fact, there is a very good reason why your propane tank is never completely following a propane delivery.

Filling your propane tank

Believe it or not, propane tanks should never be 100% full, even right after a propane delivery. Propane tanks should actually only be 80% full at a time. This is a standard set in place for safety reasons. Not filling a propane tank all the way leaves room for the propane inside the tank to expand, which it inevitably will do as its temperature increases. Neglecting to leave extra room for propane’s expansion is hazardous and dangerous.

Propane tank sizes and how much propane they hold

Propane tanks come in a variety of sizes. However, since we now know that propane tanks should never be 100% full, we also know that the size of a propane tank is not equal to how much propane should be in that tank at a time. For example, 120-gallon propane tanks hold about 96 gallons of propane. A 500-gallon tank will hold about 400 gallons of propane at once.

Therefore, it is recommended to place your next propane order as soon as your tank is 20% full. This gives you time to schedule your next propane delivery without having to worry about running out of the fuel completely.

Wireless propane tank monitors

Another way to avoid running out of propane completely is by using a wireless propane tank monitor. This is a device that gets attached directly to your propane tank and tracks your propane supply. That information is sent directly to your propane supplier in real time, which allows your supplier to automatically schedule your next propane order accordingly.

Any Fraticelli Oil & Propane customers with wireless propane tank monitors can track their propane levels as well with the complimentary Fraticelli app and a Wi-Fi signal.

More on propane safety

Not filling propane tanks to their absolute maximum capacity is just one way propane safety is enforced to propane customers.

The propane industry as a whole has very strict regulations and high standards that are put in place to help keep everyone safe. As a result, propane has an extremely strong safety track record.

Additionally, propane is non-toxic and, therefore, not harmful to its surrounding soil, water, plants and other living organisms.

Propane leaks are also easy to identify thanks to the fact that they smell like rotten eggs, spoiled meat or a skunk’s spray. This scent is actually added to propane during production as a way to warn people that they could be in danger.

Propane services from Fraticelli Oil & Propane

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