Posted: June 17, 2024

Types of Generator Fuel

You need power and generators do too!

generator fuel Franklin County, NH Do you know how many people count on generators to provide power in the event of a blackout? Without getting too specific, the answer is tons! In the midst of a power outage, homeowners rely on generators to keep the food in their fridges from spoiling. Construction workers need them for heating purposes. Manufacturer and warehouse workers depend on generators to keep their forklifts up and running. But what do these generators themselves need to keep working and stay operational? Generator fuel!

Common types of generator fuel

There are a few different types of fuel that can be used to power generators. Let’s take a deep dive into what they are:

  1. Diesel fuel: Generally, diesel fuel generators are used by commercial businesses and facilities such as hospitals and emergency service provides that need to be fully operational at all times. Generators that are powered by diesel fuel typically last a long time (however diesel fuel itself can expire and go bad) and are not particularly costly to operate or maintain.
  2. Gasoline: Gasoline powered generators are most popular among homeowners who are looking for a backup power source. Part of what makes them appealing is the fact that gasoline itself is very attainable and easy to find. On top of that, any generator that produces less than 150 kilowatts of power can use gasoline. However, gasoline expires after 12 months and is also incredibly flammable, which brings up all sorts of safety issues.
  3. Natural gas: Since natural gas is a clean-burning fuel that produces a smaller amount of emissions than some other fuels, a natural gas powered generator is the preference for certain people. A natural gas generator is connected to a gas pipeline underground and is therefore protected from natural elements. However, this means that in the event of a natural disaster or a widespread emergency, people who count on natural gas generators for backup purposes may still lose power if the natural gas utility gets cut off.
  4. Propane: Propane, like natural gas, is clean burning in addition to being non-toxic and green. Therefore a propane-powered generator is certainly an environmentally friendly choice. The fuel doesn’t expire so even if you only use your generator on the rare occasion you don’t have to worry about your generator fuel going bad with propane. And since propane doesn’t need electricity or any sort of power or pipelines to work, you can count on a propane-powered generator to keep you up and running at all times!

Generator fuel from Fraticelli Oil & Propane

If you need propane or diesel fuel to power your generator Fratielli Oil & Propane can help! We can deliver the fuel of your choice directly to your central Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire door, whether it’s a home or a business. We understand the importance of needing fuel for your generator, which is why we will go above and beyond to make sure your fuel supply is full at all times. In fact, our team can even help with emergency fuel deliveries!

So contact Fraticelli Oil & Propane today to get the diesel fuel or propane you need for your generator today.