Posted: December 18, 2023

Where Does Kerosene Come From?

A deep dive into the oil

We all know that winter can get quite cold here in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Because we experience such low temperatures in the area, heat and heating oil are very important throughout the colder months. For some, this is where kerosene enters the picture.

But what is kerosene and where does it come from? What exactly is used for?

Kerosene explained

To put an explanation into very basic terms, kerosene is an oil that can be used for light, power and heating purposes.

The process of making it is similar to the process of making diesel fuel and heating oil. To make kerosene, you distill crude oil, but you do so at a higher temperature than you do when making diesel fuel and heating oil, which gives it a lower gel point than heating oil. This means that if the kerosene in your oil tank doesn’t thicken you won’t feel much heat.

Kerosene was trademarked in 1854, but it was used for years and years prior to that on farms and for lamplight and cooking. It became less common to use kerosene once electricity, heating oil, natural gas and propane gas came onto the scene.

How is kerosene used?

Even though it is not as common to use kerosene as it is to use heating oil or propane gas, kerosene is still used in RVs, mobile homes and homes that have exterior oil tanks to provide heat and power and to fuel some appliances such as oil lamps and specific cooking equipment. It is also used in various commercial industries as a solvent, lubricant and as a jet/rocket fuel.

The benefits of using kerosene

With all the various ways to power and fuel appliances and warm a home, you may be wondering why someone would opt to use kerosene over natural gas, propane gas or heating oil. There are certain advantages that come along with using kerosene. Here are a few:

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Since using kerosene is not the preferred method for home heating and power, it can be a big challenge to find a kerosene provider. That is where Fraticelli Oil & Propane comes in.

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