Storing Diesel Fuel Safely

Storing Diesel Fuel Safely

Tips to keep you safe and help your fuel last longer

diesel fuel Whistler, MA If you use diesel fuel there are certain things you have to know and be aware of. You have to understand the difference between on-road diesel fuel and off-road diesel fuel and know when it’s appropriate to use each kind. You should know how to go about using diesel fuel in safe way. And you should also know how to store diesel fuel safely.

Diesel fuel storage basics

Properly storing diesel fuel is just as important as properly using diesel fuel. In fact, if you don’t store your diesel fuel correctly is can become contaminated and start to become ineffective.

When diesel fuel is stored correctly it can typically last about 6 to 12 months. You can actually extend this amount of time by storing diesel properly and safely.

So how exactly do you store diesel fuel safely and properly? Here are some tips:

Why use diesel fuel?

A fairly long shelf life isn’t the only advantage and benefit that diesel fuel provides. Diesel fuel also:

Diesel fuel from Fraticelli Oil & Propane

Fraticelli Oil & Propane can get you the diesel fuel you need if you are in Central Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire. Whether you need on-road or off-road diesel fuel we can help you out. What’s the difference? We’re glad you asked!

On-road diesel fuel is used to power fleets of commercial vehicles such as trucks, school buses and public buses – basically any vehicle that drives on a road.

Off-road diesel fuel powers equipment that does not go on a road. We’re talking about generators, agricultural equipment and machinery that is used on construction sites to move and lift heavy equipment.

If your business depends on diesel fuel you can depend on Fraticelli Oil & Propane. Contact us today to start receiving reliable diesel delivery services from us!

Kerosene Heaters: How To Use Them Safely

Tips and guidelines that will keep you safe

kerosene Hillsborough County, NH These days, using kerosene for heating purposes and power is not the most popular choice when it comes to the kind of oil you can use. However, some of us in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire do still use kerosene, especially those of us with RVs, mobile homes and homes that have exterior oil tanks.

So for that part of the population, it is important, even imperative, to know how to use kerosene heaters safely.

Using kerosene heaters safely

When it comes to using any home appliance, safety is important. After all, most of us want to do whatever it takes to keep our families, our homes and ourselves out of harm’s way. This holds true for kerosene heaters as well.

Using kerosene for heating purposes can sometimes be a great option. However, there are some specific tips and guidelines that should be followed to ensure that you are using kerosene heaters in the safest way possible. These safety tips include:

Why use kerosene

Even though you certainly have to be careful and cautious when using kerosene heaters, kerosene itself offers certain benefits and advantages such as:

Kerosene deliveries from Fraticelli Oil & Propane

If you are in Central Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire and are looking for kerosene, Fraticelli Oil & Propane can help. In fact, we can deliver kerosene directly to your front door and we happen to be the only company in Cheshire, Hillsborough, Worcester, Middlesex and Franklin counties that does so.

Kerosene can be hard to find, but not when you turn to the team at Fraticelli Oil & Propane. You can always count on us to get you the kerosene you need.

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Commercial Propane for Retail Businesses

How is the energy source used?

commercial propane Cheshire County, NH You can’t have a retail business without some sort of good or product to sell. You also can’t have a retail business without some sort of fuel or energy source to power and run the appliances, equipment and machinery that you count on to help make that retail business function. That is where commercial propane comes into play.

Retail businesses and commercial propane

A lot of businesses and different industries are turning to commercial propane for their fuel needs. Commercial propane is used:

There are a lot of ways retail businesses can use commercial propane. Here is a look at a few:

Why turn to commercial propane

Businesses, including retail businesses, can benefit from using commercial propane in many different ways. The benefits and advantages commercial propane provides include:

Commercial propane from Fraticelli Oil & Propane

Fraticelli Oil & Propane has the bulk propane your southern New Hampshire or central Massachusetts business needs. In fact, we are the most trusted commercial propane provider in the area!

When your business needs commercial propane, you can count on the Fraticelli Oil & Propane team. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial propane services.

Why Isn’t My Propane Tank 100% Full After Delivery?

Propane professionals leave room in your tank on purpose

propane tank Franklin County, NH If you are a propane customer, we would bet that you have found yourself in the following scenario before: you contact your propane provider and schedule a propane delivery to refill your propane tank. Your delivery arrives, but, upon further examination, you realize your tank is not actually 100% full.

Despite what you may have thought at the time, this is not an oversight. In fact, there is a very good reason why your propane tank is never completely following a propane delivery.

Filling your propane tank

Believe it or not, propane tanks should never be 100% full, even right after a propane delivery. Propane tanks should actually only be 80% full at a time. This is a standard set in place for safety reasons. Not filling a propane tank all the way leaves room for the propane inside the tank to expand, which it inevitably will do as its temperature increases. Neglecting to leave extra room for propane’s expansion is hazardous and dangerous.

Propane tank sizes and how much propane they hold

Propane tanks come in a variety of sizes. However, since we now know that propane tanks should never be 100% full, we also know that the size of a propane tank is not equal to how much propane should be in that tank at a time. For example, 120-gallon propane tanks hold about 96 gallons of propane. A 500-gallon tank will hold about 400 gallons of propane at once.

Therefore, it is recommended to place your next propane order as soon as your tank is 20% full. This gives you time to schedule your next propane delivery without having to worry about running out of the fuel completely.

Wireless propane tank monitors

Another way to avoid running out of propane completely is by using a wireless propane tank monitor. This is a device that gets attached directly to your propane tank and tracks your propane supply. That information is sent directly to your propane supplier in real time, which allows your supplier to automatically schedule your next propane order accordingly.

Any Fraticelli Oil & Propane customers with wireless propane tank monitors can track their propane levels as well with the complimentary Fraticelli app and a Wi-Fi signal.

More on propane safety

Not filling propane tanks to their absolute maximum capacity is just one way propane safety is enforced to propane customers.

The propane industry as a whole has very strict regulations and high standards that are put in place to help keep everyone safe. As a result, propane has an extremely strong safety track record.

Additionally, propane is non-toxic and, therefore, not harmful to its surrounding soil, water, plants and other living organisms.

Propane leaks are also easy to identify thanks to the fact that they smell like rotten eggs, spoiled meat or a skunk’s spray. This scent is actually added to propane during production as a way to warn people that they could be in danger.

Propane services from Fraticelli Oil & Propane

If you are in Central Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire and are looking for a reliable propane delivery service or dependable propane tank installation, look no further than Fraticelli Oil & Propane.

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How To Safe Money On Your Commercial Heating Oil Bill

Tips and tricks for reducing costs

commercial heating oil Middlesex County, NH We all know that it costs money to own, run and operate a commercial business. So it is always nice when, as a business owner, you come across a way for your company to save a little bit of money and cut back on expenses.

Ways to save money on your commercial heating oil bill

One way that commercial business owners can cut costs is by reducing what they spend on their commercial heating oil bills. Here are some suggestions, tips and tricks to help you save on your commercial heating oil expenses:

How Fraticelli Oil & Propane can help you save on your commercial heating oil bill

Getting your commercial heating oil from Fraticelli Oil & Propane can add up in cost savings too. Here’s a look at how we help businesses save money:

Commercial heating oil from Fraticelli Oil & Propane

If you are in Central Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire and are looking for commercial heating oil for your local business, Fraticelli Oil & Propane can help.

Whether you need commercial heating oil for your school, hospital or commercial building, you can count on us. In fact, we can often deliver the heating oil your business needs when competitors simply can’t thanks to Fraticelli’s 200,000-plus gallons of fuel storage. On top of that, we also have a larger vehicle fleet than the competitors in our region.

Fraticelli Oil & Propane is also proud to offer clean-burning Bioheat® fuel, which is a combination of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel that is healthier for the environment and decreases what commercial business owners spend on equipment maintenance costs.

The Fraticelli professionals can also help you with the purchase, installation and service of oil and gas fired furnaces and boilers.

We can help keep your commercial space comfortable with heating oil. Contact Fraticelli Oil & Propane today to learn more!

How To Estimate Your Daily Heating Oil Use

Ways to keep track of your supply

heating oil Worchester County, NH Those of us in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire know how important our heating oil is during the chilly winter months. Without it our homes would get uncomfortably cold. This means we also know how important it is to have an idea of our daily heating oil use so that we don’t find ourselves without heating on a frigid day.

What affects heating oil use?

There are multiple factors that impact how much heating oil a household uses. Let’s take a look at what they are:

Estimating your daily heating oil use

While heating oil usage clearly fluctuates, homeowners can estimate that they will use about 2 gallons a day once temperatures reach about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If a day reaches 40 degrees Fahrenheit homeowners will use closer to approximately 3.7 gallons of heating oil a day. Once temperatures drop to as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit, homeowners should expect to use about 5.3 gallons of heating oil a day.

If you’ve spent a few winter seasons in your home, you can always check previous heating bills and prior heating oil orders to get a sense of how much heating oil you ordered and when those orders were placed.

If you are new to your home, you can talk to neighbors who have a house of a similar size to see how much heating oil they use on average.

Heating oil tank sizes

The amount of heating oil that your home uses on a regular basis helps to determine what size heating oil tank you need. If you have a tank that is too small for your heating oil needs you won’t have enough heating oil to heat your home.
A single-family home with one to two bedrooms usually has a 275-gallon heating oil tank.

Three to four bedroom homes usually have 300-gallon to 500-gallon heating oil tanks.

It is also common to find above-ground heating oil tanks that are 288-gallons, 340-gallons, 420-gallons, 500-gallons, 550-gallons, 675-gallons and 1,000-gallons.

Heating Oil from Fraticelli Oil & Propane

Fraticelli Oil & Propane has the affordable heating oil your Central Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire home needs. You won’t find another company in the area who is as reliable as us. That is due, in part, to our 200,000 gallons of dedicated storage, the most extensive vehicle fleet in the region and the most dependable delivery professionals around. Most of the time it’s even possible for us to make emergency heating oil deliveries within one day.

Contact Fraticelli Oil & Propane for the heating oil your home needs today!

Types of Diesel Fuel

A look at the two kinds of diesel fuel and what they are used for

diesel fuel Winchendon, MA You may be familiar with diesel fuel in the sense that you know it is used to help certain things run and function. But the truth is that there is a lot more to diesel fuel than just that. In fact, there are even different types of diesel fuel.

Different types of diesel fuel

There are two different types of diesel fuel: on-road diesel fuel and off-road diesel fuel. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two and get an idea about what each one is used for.

On-road diesel fuel and off-road diesel fuel are both used to power and operate certain equipment. There is also no physical difference between the two types of fuel. However, they do differ when it comes to exactly what they power and operate as we discussed above.

The benefits of diesel fuel

Both on-road diesel fuel and off-road diesel fuel offer certain advantages. Here is a look at a few:

Get Diesel Delivery from Fraticelli Oil & Propane

Commercial businesses in central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire can count on Fraticelli Oil & Propane for both the on-road and off-road diesel fuel they need. Our team can help your diesel fuel dependent business run thanks to our extensive fuel storage and our reliable diesel fuel delivery services.

Fraticelli Oil & Propane understands that diesel fuel needs vary from business to business. That is why our team of professionals will go above and beyond to create a customized diesel delivery plan that meets your company’s specific diesel fuel needs.

So if you are in central Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire and are looking for a dependable diesel delivery service contact Fraticelli Oil & Propane today!

What Exactly Is Propane?

An Explanation and some facts about propane

what is propane Whistler, MA Propane’s popularity is quickly rising. More and more people are using it to heat homes, warm water and cook, among other things. But what exactly is propane and where does it come from?

Propane 101

To break it down very simply, propane is a gas (otherwise known as a fuel) and an energy source. It is actually considered to be one of the most versatile fuels currently out on the market. You get propane gas from the oil refining process that is a part of producing heating oil and petroleum. It happens to be non-toxic, odorless and colorless.

What can propane do?

As mentioned, propane is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of everyday things. Here is a look at what propane can do:

Reasons to use propane

People prefer and choose to use propane in their homes and commercial spaces for a whole variety of reasons. Its versatility is just one of them. Here are some additional benefits of using propane:

Fraticelli Oil & Propane Propane’s Services

Fraticelli Oil & Propane provides propane services to both homeowners and business owners throughout Southern New Hampshire and Central Massachusetts. Here is a glimpse at what we offer:

If you own a home or business in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire and are looking for a reliable propane supplier look no further than Fraticelli Oil & Propane. Contact us today to learn more about propane and our propane services.

Where Does Kerosene Come From?

A deep dive into the oil

We all know that winter can get quite cold here in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Because we experience such low temperatures in the area, heat and heating oil are very important throughout the colder months. For some, this is where kerosene enters the picture.

But what is kerosene and where does it come from? What exactly is used for?

Kerosene explained

To put an explanation into very basic terms, kerosene is an oil that can be used for light, power and heating purposes.

The process of making it is similar to the process of making diesel fuel and heating oil. To make kerosene, you distill crude oil, but you do so at a higher temperature than you do when making diesel fuel and heating oil, which gives it a lower gel point than heating oil. This means that if the kerosene in your oil tank doesn’t thicken you won’t feel much heat.

Kerosene was trademarked in 1854, but it was used for years and years prior to that on farms and for lamplight and cooking. It became less common to use kerosene once electricity, heating oil, natural gas and propane gas came onto the scene.

How is kerosene used?

Even though it is not as common to use kerosene as it is to use heating oil or propane gas, kerosene is still used in RVs, mobile homes and homes that have exterior oil tanks to provide heat and power and to fuel some appliances such as oil lamps and specific cooking equipment. It is also used in various commercial industries as a solvent, lubricant and as a jet/rocket fuel.

The benefits of using kerosene

With all the various ways to power and fuel appliances and warm a home, you may be wondering why someone would opt to use kerosene over natural gas, propane gas or heating oil. There are certain advantages that come along with using kerosene. Here are a few:

Fraticelli Oil & Propane can deliver your kerosene

Since using kerosene is not the preferred method for home heating and power, it can be a big challenge to find a kerosene provider. That is where Fraticelli Oil & Propane comes in.

You can count on us for reliable kerosene deliveries throughout Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. In fact, we are the only company in Cheshire, Hillsborough, Worcester, Middlesex and Franklin counties that delivers kerosene to customers. We will go above and beyond to get you the kerosene your heating system and appliances need at any time.

Don’t wait to become a Fraticelli Oil & Propane customer – contact us today!

Benefits of Bioheat For Your Business

Here’s how commercial heating oil can help

commercial heating oil franklin county, ma Business owners everywhere, including those throughout central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, are always looking for ways to better their companies and operate more efficiently.

For those business owners who use commercial heating oil, Bioheat fuel can do exactly this.

The Basics of Bioheat Fuel

Bioheat fuel is a combination of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesel. Biodiesel is a liquid fuel that is produced in the United States and is made from recycled and organic waste products such as used cooking oil, soybean oil, canola oil, inedible corn oil and animal fats.

Like biodiesel, Bioheat fuel is, for the most part, also made in the United States. It is considered an energy source and it can be used as a replacement for petroleum heating oil. When it is used this way, emissions decrease by about 50%.

The Benefits of Bioheat fuel

Using Bioheat fuel for your business is beneficial in many ways. Bioheat fuel:

Other Facts To Know About Bioheat fuel

Interested in learning more about Bioheat fuel? Great! Here is some more additional helpful information about commercial heating oil:

Get The Bioheat Fuel You Need From Fraticelli Oil & Propane

If you are in central Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire, Fraticelli Oil & Propane can happily deliver the Bioheat fuel your business needs directly to you. Not only are our services reliable, but our Bioheat fuel can reduce wear and tear on your heating equipment thanks to our Clean Zone product. We use this to treat our Bioheat fuel and it decreases the amount of debris and impurities that can oftentimes be found in Bioheat fuel, which damages equipment and commercial heating oil tanks.

Let Fraticelli Oil & Propane get you the Bioheat fuel your business needs. Contact us today!